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Doll Wax Salon





Female Brazilian

Includes Classic, French and Follow Up

Special runs thru April 1

*Services booked outside of 1pm-4pm will be  regular price. 


Brow Lamination (with FREE Brow Tint)   $90

Brow Lamination is the most popular treatment in brow trends. The process straightens and shapes the brow hairs allowing them to appear fuller and longer. Your brows will look styled and will be easier to maintain your desired brow shape. Brow Lamination removes any curl and kinks in the brow hairs. Brow Lamination lasts up to 6 weeks. If needed and desired, you can add a FREE Brow Tint for a pop of color and richness. Please be advised, you cannot wash your Brows or get them wet for the first 24 hours following treatment as the processing sets. During this time your brows can have a more dramatic look that is only temporary. Skin conditions, treatments and piercings can be contraindications, please advise your treatment provider of any concerns.

*If you would also like a Brow Wax, please be sure to add the service when booking.​

Specializing in the Brazilian Service!​

Multiple Services

Female Services

The Male Waxing

Make Your Skin Your Best Feature

Say goodbye to unwanted body hair with help from Doll Wax Salon! We are a professional waxing studio that offers a wide variety of services to remove hair without getting cuts, bruises, or scars. From head to toe, let our aestheticians give you a smooth and hairless skin. Come visit us at one of our 3 locations in Maryland today! LGBTQ+ Friendly

About Us

Tammy Rivera began Doll Wax Salon in 2012 as a local quaint space to provide professional waxing services. Within 4 years in the business, we quickly expanded to three (3) locations across Maryland to bring our salon closer to our clients.

We offer full body waxing services for men and women given in a personal and sanitized environment. Our experienced and licensed staff always uses high-quality products to complement our exceptional services.

Meet the Owner

After 10 years of working with many cosmetic lines and managing cosmetic teams, our owner and creator Tammy Rivera attended an esthetician school in Wilmington, North Carolina in 2006 while her husband was stationed there with the navy.

Following her academic success were years of experience. With her love for the skill of waxing, Doll Wax Salon was established. Our unique style in performing the Brazilian waxing service is taught by Tammy to all our new service providers.

Mission Statement

From the day we opened in 2012, we have been taking great pride in our salon. We continuously strive to provide excellent customer service in a comfortable


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